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Friday, 03 June 2005



Brilliant blog. I've added it to my list of daily reads.


I don't expect the entertainment industry to be politically correct. It's a grimmick to make as money as possible on their most "creative" endeavor....nothing more in my opinion....is it right? Does it send the wrong message? It's "freedom of speech" or lack of for one of those girls.... It's Gwen Stefani's gig and if that's the best she could think of....well then we all know where her so called "talent" will go...

Great blog.


The entertainment industry *thinks* its being racially sensitive, promoting diversity and creativity by even allowing the japanese on the video. You gotta think stupid and how as an idiot you would promote diversity and there u go add some ethnics to a video in a stereotype coz u dont know better.

Any the conservatives complain that hollywood is run by liberal elites hahah what a joke hollywood is run by morons who perpetuate stereotypes we understand so they sell more stuff.

I still think gwens hot, needs bigger titties tho


... but isn't America home of the most racist culture in the world? No, Africa is. And the sad part is that the only people in America screaming racism are the black people. they cannot be called African-Americans because that would be a dis-service and an insult to Africans.

let's face it... black Americans are the racist of the 20th and 21st centuries.


The whole idea is marketing and image. A few point to demonstrate the logic.

Gwen has a personal fashion style that's very similar to the harajuku style. The fact that other people dress like her kind of helps legitimize it. I believe she has a clothing line similar to this as well. Promoting this style on stage, promotes her clothing line.

Japanese influences are becoming more trendy with US teens. I was in a small Borders bookstore in a mall, and saw that the Manga section was twice as big as the History and Self Help sections put together. They are just tapping into the Japanese POP market. Restricting the girls' language just reinforces the Japanese image they are going after. It also helps create gossipy buzz abot something slightly scandalous. That's viral marketing.

These girls are shorter than Gwen, their legs are shorter, and the outfits make their legs look thicker. This just accentuates Gwens long slender legs, one of her main assets. Magazines and TV love to show sexy images, that's free publicity.

That's all this is really about. Basically everythig happening in the POP industry is image realted marketing. These people don't even consider whether or not they are promoting diversity unless they think it will impact their bottom line.


Only in American and this phenomenon be considered acceptable. It's an obvious marketing scheme and it's obviously racist. The worst part is the girls are always in uniform and wear the same outfits. It robs them of all individuality.


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the Gr8 Communicator

This isn't racist at all. I've spent MANY years going back and forth to Japan and as a young black male this style is not only old but one of many in Japan. Its a style that the youth embraced along with many other styles in Japan. Go here before you pass judgement http://www.japanforum.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=2 Its not different that Beyonce have scantily clad women or girls in urban thug wear attire. That's much more damaging to the black community since way more black girls listen and watch Beyonce than Gwen Stefani. We need to be more worried about what is shown on BET and MTV. That is true exploitation.


I feel a little strange about the harajuku girls myself, particularly when Gwen sings about them. She dresses them pretty and gives them names (see "Rich Girl"). To me, that's just not ok. These Japanese women are not accessories or pets. They are human beings. However, I do agree that the Harajuku style is not insulting or stereotypical in the slightest (and, of course, I say that from a white woman's point of view, so please understand that I may not be correct in thinking that...oh, and feel free to correct me, of course.), because upon visiting Japan I came across many girls and women who love, love, loved the Harajuku style. I don't really blame Gwen for becoming inspired by the fashions of Japan. I do, however, find it strange that she's using grown Japanese women as her gimmick. Just wrong.

BJ Bambii

I have been living in Japan for over 23 years and I can tell you it's NOT a negative stereotype. Yo who thinks it is, are ignorant fools. That dress and the way they act etc. is Typical and common here in Japan. Come have a look!! Go to Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Osaka or anywhere here and you will see it. The ones crying racist are racist themselves so they see racism everywhere. Americas hypocritical morality sickens me. Say one thing and do another....GROW UP AMERICA!!!!! (yes I am American)

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